An Architectural Assessment on Twin Type Official House of Jatiroto Sugar Factory Jatirotoin Lumajang District
Antariksa, Herry Santosa, Wahyuni Eka Sari

The complex of Jatiroto Sugar Factory is an area of sugar processing industry which has an old building that still survived until recently. The area of official house an interesting part of this sugar factory complex to be further investigated. The official house building of Jatiroto Sugar Factory is almost 100 years old with a fascinating style. The one of building typeis the house with twin type. The twin type house building valued based on its architectural quality by using cultural significance valuation on the building. The aim of this research to find the value of twin type official house building which could be a direction for building preservation, then this building could be maintained its originality. The research methodis descriptive evaluative method which would be employed on visual and spatial elements of building. The research result an architectural assessment from the twin type official house of Jatiroto Sugar Factory, Lumajang District, which produces a moderate average value so that routine maintenance and maintenance are required, as well as replacement of damaged and destroyed building elements.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v8n2a11