The Project of Real
Alessandro Gaiani

The end of the utopias, the economic crisis and the advent of digital systems have completely subverted historically consolidated parameters, leading us to a new phase sanctioned by the decomposition of society and the power of financial systems and lead us to the search for a new dimension of the project . The conservation of memory and culture based on notions and models that were considered universally usable, today they are not applicable. Our interest is directed towards new forms of appropriation of places by people, gathered in the Community, spaces that the city has discarded, which need a new alphabet of intervention tools. A new strategy is defined based on overlapping and overwriting, that is on the inclusion of the various forms of identity. An architectural design method is proposed, closer to the circularity, to the recovery of the existing resources and spaces, which find in the re-conditioning, architectural and social, the intervention strategy.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v8n1a4