An Investigation of the Relationship of Streetscape Visual Enclosure and the Pedestrian Movement in Selected Case Studies in Colombo
E. G. W. Thamali Edirisinghe, Dr. Chamali Hewawasam

The streets are the most significant urban feature which unlimitedly open for the general public. Pedestrian activities and physical features directly involved in enhancing the quality and level of functionality of the whole city. Planners need to aware of how pedestrians and street uses think about the street and its designs. Only providing walkable amenities such as sidewalks, micro environmental features, street furniture and more other facilities is not enough. Perceptions or experience that feel by the uses also important to create active street in urban area. Sense of enclosure is a fundamental element of urban planning in European countries. In Sri Lanka also there is a trend of creating high rise buildings along the main highways and it creating more enclosed streets. Hence, this study has investigated the relationship of streetscape enclosure & the pedestrian movement in the Sri Lankan context. For the analysis here used the world wide freely available data of google street view images and pedestrian perception survey. For this study, there were three case studies have selected in Colombo District. Findings of research may important to the arrangement of streets, building blocks, vegetation and other vertical elements along the streets to provide pedestrian-friendly enclosed streets and comfortable streets for street uses. Because findings show the significant association between streetscape enclosures by trees, buildings with pedestrian movement. Walkability is a green type transport method. Therefore, to improve the sustainability of city walkability is an important element.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v8n1a2