Employing Heritage Elements in Contemporary Architecture. Openings and Windows: The Case of Housing Buildings in Amman - Jordan
Fadia H. Al Nassar, Rizeq N. Hammad, Tawfiq M. Abu-Ghazzeh

This paper reviews different proportional systems created in different architectural styles to assist architects in ordering building and providing an aesthetic rational for design forms. Proportions can visually unify the multiplicity of elements in architecture design by giving all parts of building the same proportion while providing the feeling of ordered facades and forms. In the „Sham Region‟, a system of proportion has developed during different eras, through applying architecture with unique characteristics and distinct proportions. This system of proportions has been neglected after the 1970‟s and random relations were introduced, leaving the final appearance of the buildings with no special character. This can be noticed through analysing several new buildings in Amman City. Findings reveal a mix of proportion and styles. The research recommends using proportions from the local architectural heritage and evolving that style to maintain the unique style and special features in this part of the world.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v8n1a1