Analyses of Artificial Ground Freezing with Carbon Dioxygen to Protect Foundation Pit from High Ground Velocity Water Flow
Vyzhimov Artem, Xia Jianzhong, Huang Zhuye, Zhang Haojie

The ground water can effect on time of artificial frozen wall formation. The traditional method using cold brine is not suitable for high-speed water flow. The method using the solid carbon dioxygen can close the frozen wall faster due to lower freezing temperatures of freezing column. In this paper, we simulated the situation with the use of columns filled with carbon dioxygen installed in the zone of the higher influence of groundwater on soil freezing. We collected data and processed the results with further recommendations for using this method. In this work, the construction of an analytical model was carried out in the Comsol Mylti physics software package, which justified its use in solving soil freezing problems.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v7n2a8