The City beyond the Analysis of Some Anthropic Phenomena in Calabria, Corigliano Calabro's Strategic Plan "Corigliano Quality City and Mediterranean Port"
Domenico Passarelli, Ferdinando Verardi

The new geographical arrangements taking place in our country require a timely also because of deepening settlements. Characterizing particulate dislocation, now widely disseminated, the image of the city. Also in Calabria we are witnessing a transition town and country that invites us to reflect on the new paradigm of urban planning and urban development plans and programs, no longer contained in municipal boundaries but open to new territorial dimensions. We're moving from an established pattern of municipal "autonomy", especially small ones, to a share of basic services that, in some cases, led to the amalgamation of several municipalities. The PS "Corigliano quality and Mediterranean port city" represents an action of self governance for the resolution of functional distributions in the territory, for the revitalization of naturalistic and cultural areas.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v7n2a13