Effect of High Molecular Vapors on Strength Cement Systems
Alexander Shishkin, Alexandra Shishkina

The influence of surfactants capable of forming micelles on the speed of formation and the obtained value of compressive strength of concrete was investigated. It was found that these micellar solutions of polymer and surfactants without the addition of other substances change the nature of the formation of strength of concrete. The rate of strength formation in the early stages increases due to micellar catalysis of cement hydration. The strength of concrete when added to surfactants forming micelles, reaches 280% of the strength of such concretes without any additives. It has been found that the effect of surfactants on the strength of concrete exceeds the influence of solid nano-modifiers, in particular carbon nano-tubes, silicon microxide and others. When using hydrophobic surfactants as individual concrete modifiers, their amount is 10-4 ... 10-6% by weight of cement. The increase in the strength of concrete at an early age reaches 180%, and at the age of 28 days - 40%. The mechanism of action of modifiers of

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v7n2a10