Thermal Analysis of a Small Room with Its Heating Sources on
Mir Hayder, Corey McCollum

Visualization of airflow in an office room with all its heating sources turned on is presented in this paper. The simulations were conducted using SolidWorks flow simulation and the room selected for this study was Savannah State University’s (SSU’s) Hubert D-414. In a previous analysis, a similar study was conducted without any heat source; this is a continuation of that work. The furniture and the office equipment were created as SolidWorks Part files and then assembled with room’s floor, roof, and sidewalls to create an exact replica of the room. One of the pre-defined fans from the software was selected to simulate the airflow. The flow visualization videos show a very clear view of how the airflow from the fan distributes the heat inside the room. The fan created two streams of airflow. The one on the top does not significantly affect the temperature of the room. It just creates an air circulation close to the roof. The heat from the heating sources is actually picked up with the lower air currents and distributed around the room. The flow visualization also shows that the air gets warm while it moves toward the exit.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v7n2a1