The Large Decommissioned Containers of the Sugar Refineries in the Plain: Re-conditioning the "waste".
Alessandro Gaiani

Climate change is a warning to stop thinking of continuous growth as we use to do in the past. Shut down the continuous waste of land is one of the elements which to act on. We must operate on the existing. There are "discarded" areas as those of the former sugar refineries in the Po Valley (Italy), which combine memory, landscape and they have already been compromised. It is necessary to recover and not replace. The main target is defining a strategic method for the re-attribution of value to the abandoned heritage in which the mutation generates not only profit, but also ethical value. I propose to redesign this places through re-conditioning methodologies. In this space of circular and sustainable thought, where “waste” becomes “value”, the methods and tools of the architectural project have been updated, redefining a list of intervention mechanism on the built. To try to get the following results: - Define a strategic process action plan capable of keeping together the safeguard of the existing, the new needs expressed by people; - Expand the concept of re-conditioning, by changing from the traditional intervention on the material object, to that of second and renew life of both place; - Identify adaptive design tools, useful for the “strategist architect”.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v7n1a3