Proposed design of a composting facility for the treatment of municipal waste with built-in deodorization system (in Western Macedonia, Greece)
Dounavis A.S; Garas S.K; Triantafyllou A.G.

Composting is a complex, aerobic microbiological process capable of converting the organic fraction of municipal solid waste, and many other organic wastes, into beneficial compost products. Odor is a serious issue in the management of a composting facility and, more so, it is often the issue in public acceptance of composting facilities. Offensive odors from composting are one of the greatest environmental problems associated with the industry. In this paper, an innovative modular semi-open composting system is designed and proposed for municipal waste treatment using a built-in deodorization system which finally incorporates the means to better manage waste, producing optimal final product (compost) in a shorter time and eliminating odor release.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v7n1a2