Business Bay – Dubai Creek Extension -Construction Management, Challenges and Results Part II – Project Details
Ahmed Hammad

Purpose: This paper describes and details the construction methodology and project management challenges during the execution of the creek extension water canal in the city of Dubai. This paper is a continuation of Part I under the title: Business Bay – Dubai Creek Extension - A man-made water canal dredged and extended to form a Waterfront Development within the Urban Fabric of Dubai City [1]. Approach: This paper demonstrates the day –to-day construction challenges with their resolution. By building an additional 13km of water canal, many challenges and obstructions were encountered during the construction operations of the project. From 11 million m3 of excavated material, to road crossings, services and utilities diversions, high levels of underground water table, logistics management, all the way to connecting the creek with the Arabian Gulf. Findings: Detailing some of these challenges and their solution shall be the focus of this paper. Starting from the excavated material, where the solution was to re-use the material for grading purposes across both sides of the new water canal. Another challenge was the road crossings and the process to divert the traffic then execute the works which includes deep excavations and building the quay wall. Several studies and extensive coordination was carried out with authorities to overcome this challenge. The underground water was a main obstacle to the construction works since the water table level was high in the area. All these challenges and much more had to be studied thoroughly and engineered prior commencing the works at site. Originality/ value: the study will help to expand the knowledge on construction complexity of such mega projects by exploring challenges and studies in order to validate the pragmatism and constructability of the water canal to ensure insignificant disruptions on the surroundings.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v7n1a11