“High-Rise Apartment Buildings in Palestinian, in Response to Human Needs”
Mohammed Itma

Using high-rise apartment buildings in housing design is increasing in Palestine. The dramatic limitation of land and the high demand for housing are pushing investors for rising vertically in the dense areas. However, housing design cannot be simply described as providing physical units that enclose the space for its residences to provide them with shelter and protection. It should also respond to other levels of human needs in order to reach complete satisfaction. This paper discusses the unsuitability of such typologies in term of cultural and human needs. Thus, we will examine these concepts in responding to Maslow‟s hierarchy of human needs comparing with the traditional type of settlements in Palestine, which is low-rise dense typologies. The investigation has revealed that there is a mismatch between high-rise apartment buildings and the Palestinian cultural roots. Such designs may not completely respond to: privacy issues, belonging to the place, interaction between individuals, and adapting future needs.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v6n1a6