The Role of Industrial and Service Robots in Fourth Industrial Revolution with Focus on China
Prof. Dr. Sc. Isak Karabegović

In the last ten years, digital technology has significantly contributed to the change of people's lives worldwide, because its application has caused a rapid transformation of all aspects of human life, and especially fast transformation in the design, production, operation and maintenance of the production system, which caused an unexpected jump in productivity. It can be said that fourth industrial revolutions ongoing process, which can be labeled in a variety of ways, such as "intelligent factory", "smart industry" or "advance manufacturing". Development of the digital technologies in the last twenty years has introduced us from third in the fourth industrial revolution. The first time the term “Industry 4.0” appears in the Germany in year 2011 whose government promotes automation of production processes by introducing digital technologies. Germany is one of the most technologically developed countries in the world and it is logic that this revolution begins there. This example follows the other countries in the world. Fourth technological revolution depends on a number of new and innovative technological achievements. It is necessary to integrate production processes in all production phases and further applications by using ICT technologies for digitalization. The automation of production processes must include advanced sensors and intelligent robots that can be self-configured to be able to make specific product. It is necessary to collect large amounts of data to be analysed and used in the production processes. It is also necessary to realize network communication (include mobile and internet technology) between machines in the production process, the production system and the operator, as well as suppliers and distributors. Application of previously mentioned leads to the intelligent manufacturing processes that have a wide range of change of production processes. To intelligent process we can come only by applying intelligent industrial robots because they represent one of the cornerstones of the fourth industrial revolution. In this paper an analysis of industrial and service robot application in production processes. With the implementation of digital technology, robot technology and other advanced technology we, as a society, strive for intelligent automation, and intelligent factories, and thus create a society in which wealth, created through the strengthening of global competitiveness, will serve for resolving social issues in society.

Full Text: PDF DOI: 10.15640/jea.v5n2a9