The Interaction with the Context as a Main Driver in Evaluating the Architectural Projects
Dr. Haitham Al-shimmary, Adil Al-Saidi

Architecture fronts many challenges to be accepted by people locally and globally. Interaction with the surroundings variables is the key factor of this acceptance. Architecture‟s surroundings are various, common and so complicated. On the other hand, they are so important in the design process and the evaluation by the architecture‟s audience. This paper investigates the interaction between the architectural product and its surroundings‟ variables to be accepted. It explores the main effective factors of the surroundings and extracts the most important variables to establish the questionnaire template. This template has been relied to evaluate a sample of three famous architectural projects by fourteen of specialists. Each of these projects awards an international prize and they have been hold as accepted architecture. The results have been analyzed and conclusions have been made. Architecture should interact with these factors to be accepted. Some of these factors have stronger effects than others according to the obtained results. Finally, the accepted architecture depends on three powers which are the potential power, the external power by audience and the interaction with surrounding‟s power.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v5n2a7