Re-Imaging Rural Transport Transitions and Futures in South Africa
James Chakwizira, Mac Mashiri

This paper re-imagines rural transport transitions and futures in South Africa. While, rural transport transition and futures foresight studies exist these face multiple inadequacies in terms of conceptual coverage, methodological completeness and “full cycle” foresight intelligent scenario development. Making use of a gap and thematic analysis technique, existent literature on rural transport in South Africa and beyond is examined. Invariably, critical rural transport transitions are identified and their implications regarding advancement in science and technology discussed. Furthermore, employing a system of innovation and transitions theoretical framework, transport futures in South Africa are predicted. Overall, results confirm requirements for sustainable rural transport project implementation, the need for the development of appropriate and adaptive transportation technology applications in respond to the rural development planning matters in the country. In any case, the intelligent application of rural transport foresight studies is fundamental to unleashing the full potential of rural areas. The paper concludes by postulating that establishing contextually relevant and appropriate future rural mobilities in South Africa requires interventions from a intra, inter, cross and multi - disciplinary and cultural approaches from all stakeholders working in the rural transportation and related areas.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v5n2a6