Nurturing Students Design Skill through Analogy and Metaphor Reasoning
Sarinaz S. Suleiman, Hasan Y. Isawi, Wael W. Al-Azhari, Lamis k. Shaban

The main aim of architectural educators is to foster students' design skills. Many researchers describe architectural design projects as a wicked problem that requires different tools to be solved. Metaphor and analogy are supposed to be helpful reasoning in solving architectural problems. This research query based on exploring students' skill, and aimed to extend other researchers' observations on applying analogy and metaphor through design process and the final product. An investigation was held using two groups of students in the first year of architectural design studio (Basic Design Course). The First group designed their project depending on metaphor reasoning; the second group depended on analogy reasoning. A comparison was shown assessing design process, students' skills and projects output. The research shows benefits verses the challenges and misconceptions which faced students through design process. Also, it pinpoints how metaphor and analogy can up-bring students' deign skills.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v5n2a5