The Difference of Trunks Use into Timber Completely and Partially Sawn for Gross Products, with 30mm Thickness, which are Used in Construction
Muharrem Sejdiu, Pandeli Marku, Rrahim Sejdiu, Agron Bajraktari

Gross wood products used in construction are of different types and sizes. Mainly it is used timber of coniferous species. Sawing trunks in this study was done in vertical saws, and cleaning of side boards was done in circular saw machines. Trunks that are sawn for this purpose are mainly imported from near countries (Montenegro, Bosnia etc.). Their lengths range from 4-8 m, and an average diameter of 20-80 cm. To obtain reliable results in this study, there were taken 10 fir trunks. 5 trunks have been sawn and milled completely and 5 others partially. The results of the study are: Trunks volume is 3.293m3. Sawn and cleaning of side boards 1.134 m3 boards or 69.67% Sawn and partially cleaning of wood materials often fulfill the demands of the market which give 1.240 m3 boards or 74.48%.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v5n2a3