Anatomy of the Sinhala Letter
Sumanthri Samarawickrama

Anatomy of a letter can be defined as the vocabulary used to describe parts of a letter and its structural system that makes up the morphological characteristics of a certain typeface (Dalvi 2010: 61). This research studies the existing vocabulary and the non-existing vocabulary of the structural system of the Sinhala letter as the theory and literature on this area israre.The term ‘Sinhala letter’ describes all Sinhala lettersused today. The research is divided into two sections. First it examines the existing vocabularythrough a literature survey and crossexamines it by three experts. Secondly, through a visual analysis a list of distinguished features unique to the Sinhala letteris identified to bridge the gapof the non-existing vocabulary. Thefindings on this paper only discuss the first section; the existing vocabulary and the derivation of the terminology. This can be considered as an initial proposal to standardize a vocabulary for the subject of Sinhala typography.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v5n1a9