Metro as Urban Public Transport and Sustainable Urban Mobility in the Europe and Brazil
Michal Stepanik, Ludvik Vebr, J. P. Moreno Delgado

This article deals with the comparison of metro as a public transport in several cities in Europe and Brazil, all in a context of sustainable urban development. Contemporary society evaluates its performance especially by gross domestic product and the constant strive to grow economically. This growth is often redeemed by environmental degradation, particularly in developing countries. The effort of most advanced countries is the continuation of development of human society with full preservation of the environment. If we deal with the sustainable development in cities, especially concerning the traffic, the direction which was chosen by cities in Western Europe is different from in Brazil. The Western Europe prefers a reduction of traffic or a complete ban on entering the city for cars, but in Brazil is still popular individual automobile transport. One of the options, how to reduce the intensity of cars, is to have attractive and effective public transport..

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v4n2a9