Questions from the Underground Promotion Policies for Decommissioned Small and Medium Miningsites in Italy
Ottavia Aristone, Alessia Di Loreto

The contemporary landscape is made up of stratifications of settlements, environmental, historical, infrastructural and economic networks that were moulded by the passing of time. In some cases, the modernization processes were effective, assigning the territories a recognizable role. In other cases, the transformations forced themselves onto large areas, emptying them of their role and meaning: unresolved locations hanging in the balance between a faded history and a future to be reinvented. Decommissioned mining sites are an example of this condition. Until recently they used to be strategic production locations while currently they are marginalized territories burdened by a challenging heritage: environmental degradation, economic and social crisis, and marginalization. The purpose of this article is to present a research made on decommissioned medium and small size mining sites in Italy, whose story often goes unheard. Starting from multiple European experiences, we compare six Italian experiences, which were put in place despite the challenging domestic legal framework. Eventually we analyse the potentials and weaknesses of the small mining basin of Majella (Abruzzo) - between the national park and the conurbation of the valley and the Adriatic coast - pending proper promotion policies.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v4n2a4