Planning Failures and the Gravity of Traffic Problem
Dr. Arch. Osameh Kassawneh

The planning, in fact, significantly affects the lives of people in all aspects, planning regulate there , Home & Garden , streets, parking, services and architectural spaces and environment and everything related to human life and all that makes a man happy with his surrounding and strengthen the affiliation to his homeland, so the imbalance resulting from the planning process necessarily reflection on the reality situation and embodied in the form of problems of traffic jams and multiple environmental problems which make a big challenge for planners and decision-makers The scup of this research is that we diagnose the mistakes which had been done in planning for different prior periods since the creation of Irbid city it was easily processed by the decision-makers in Irbid Municipality and Ministry of Municipal Affairs, and Transport Authority, as well as improving the standard of living of the inhabitants of this region sector. The problem is that the random in the planning process led to the following issues: - 1-houses scattered irregularly, leading to difficulty and poor delivery of services from the streets and infrastructure. 2. High and unexpected financial cost in the organization's budget. 3. Unequal distribution and systematic infrastructure and services. 4. The presence of large areas not covered by public transport and essential services.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v4n2a13