The Relationships between Density and Shrinkage of Sessile Oak (Quercus Petraea L) Used For Alcohol Barrels: (A Case Study of Wood That Grows In the Republic Of Kosovo)
Rrahim Sejdiu, Arben Bejtja, Alievsat Hasku, Agron Bajraktari

This study presents relations between density and shrinkage of sessile oak (Quercus Petraea L.) a wood species that is used in the wood processing industry in Kosovo, especially for alcohol barrels. This case study is focused on two moisture contents: 12% of moisture content and oven dried. Sessile oak wood is used at 12 % moisture to produce barrels, whereas in oven dry conditions are used for scientific studies. Our study results/findings indicate important data that can be used by the wood processing industrie and manufacturers of sessile oak barrels.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v3n2a6