The Haptic Aplication in Environment of Virtual Reality for Learning
Turhan Civelek

In this research, haptic applications are designed which generate sensory response in virtual reality environment that are widely used in computer engineering. Force feedback haptic applications are developed for education in virtual reality environment which contain related software and hardware devices with regard to algorithms stages including gravitational force. The topic of inter planets gravitational force is designed by using OpenGL based OpenHaptics libraries on Visual Studio 2010 C++ software platform according to planned algorithms stages. Mathematical features of globes are coded according to determinated algorithms stages in application development process including software engineering. Haptic application environment is established and based on human-machine interaction comprised of hardware and software devices by integrating haptic devices, display units, computer and coded software devices. In research, while 106 students are taught by using designed haptic application in virtual reality environment, 109 students are taught by traditional teaching medhods in class on same physic topics throughout 15 days. Two surveys are conducted for students in different groups separately after lectures, and they are examined. Efficiency of learning environments is researched by assessing obtained data from results of surveys and exam with ZeroX and J48 algorithms in data mining program named weka which performs machine learning.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v3n2a4