Product Service System Design: How to Design Humans Application of a methodology in a PSS development with high human involvement
Andrea Margini, Gaetano Cutrona, Cesare Fantuzzi

A three-step methodology is proposed to support development teams in product-service system (PSS) development projects. The methodology specifically addresses the problem of designing humans as part of the system. The human presence is a matter of fact when it comes to PSSs. They are the soft system delivering the service part of the PSS, which is also the most value adding for stakeholders. Furthermore many manufacturing companies are moving towards the integration of products and services. There are many structured approaches to support the design of software and tangible objects, i.e. the hard system. However there is a lack of guidance when it comes to the human presence design and integration with the hard system. The methodology aims at filling this gap. It was validated in a PSS development project within a company with a strong focus in product development. Hence it had to fit to an already in place product development framework. The findings were used to further refine the methodology. The methodology was fully applicable within that specific framework. However further validation runs are necessary to ensure its generality. The methodology will support the shift from pure manufacturer to product-service deliverer for those companies willing to change the rules of competition and to deliver more value to their customers.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v3n2a13