Rejected Landscapes-Recycled Landscapes Waste Disposal and Recycling Sites Perspectives and Contemporary Approaches
Silvia Dalzero

This research shows the changes of a landscape in the presence of waste, reality that invades the territory in many different ways in time and space. At first the issue of garbage is faced according to the language of creativity and secondly on how the inevitable accumulation of garbage designs our new and unexpected astonishing landscapes. Then, through a list of projects for more or less controlled recovery altered areas, how the present territorial dimension is inexorably besieged by garbage is explained. With a knowing eye the time before research is here: to the critical, strategic and objective evaluation to report through a cartographic survey the present conditions and the effective distribution of plants for waste disposal on the Italian territory. We then single out a territorial section touched by the phenomena: the area between Milan and Brescia and the territorial morphology so altered and the inevitable environmental transformations. Lastly, through a careful study of the present territorial status, conceptual models take form of possible and potential, present and future, scenarios of altered areas of the presence of waste and collection plants.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v3n1a6