Structural Steel at the Beginning of the Last Century and Today
Dušan Rodziňák, Jozef Čerňan, Rudolf Zahradníček

The article deals with the assessment of material characteristics of the two types of steels. One was produced some 100 years ago and used in the construction of barracks in the former so-called„ Saffron garden “site in Kosice. In connection with the reconstruction there arose the need to review the eligibility of steel for further use in the new project. Within the framework of reconstruction a new steel produced in the current circumstances was used. Conducted analysis at booth steel specimens reveals extensive difference especially in steel microsture homogeneity, considerably incluencing their mechanical properties. These results will help by reconstructional Works especially for engineers responsible for architecture and for Structural engineers, because public safety is the most important issue.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v3n1a17