Towards Capturing the Silent Emotional Experience within Healthcare Design
Azizi Arrington-Bey

Objective:The aim of this exploration was to develop a technique of capturing the inner emotional experience and private conversations existing within architectural design of two healthcare facilities through the art of poetry. Can this unique emotional journey within healthcare be captured? Background: Healthcare design has begun focusing on user environment and satisfaction. This shift draws attention to healthcare’s interiority, the spirit of a place, and its ability to create individual’s emotional experiences. This paper recognizes design as an art and language. Several studies show that healthcare facility design and created spaces affect patient wellness and their support system. Methods: A checklist was created and used as a tool in a sensual exploration of listening to healthcare interiors, the emotional experience, and the silent conversation. The checklist was applied during a two day listening observation of public spaces at two hospitals in Indianapolis, Indiana University Health and St. Vincent Hospital and Health Center. On the last day,all observations were compiled into narrative poems for each of the spaces. Results: Using the checklist allowed the emotional experiences within the hospitals to be captured during the observations. The narrative poems provided an avenue to capture and encompass healthcare’s interiority. Conclusion: This study confirmed that art can be used as a tool to listen and capture the spirit, aesthetics, and emotions created within healthcare facilities.Capturing one art with another can be incorporated into the design process to ensure designers are creating emotional experiences in healthcare that aid in user wellness.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v2n2a5