Sustainable Urban Requalification: Circularity of Processes for a New Metabolism
Antonella Mamì, Lidia Mormino

Through this paper we present the first results of a research combining the management problem of Municipal Solid Waste to the requalification of built environment. The goal of this research is to mitigate the vulnerability of territory and urban heritage and to transform a problem into opportunities. Above all, we have paid attention to several exemplifying cases of Italian territory: suburbs of large towns, historical centres, small centres (and, in particular, those with a strong historical connotation). Their features are, at the same time, restrictions and challenges for designing new compatible systems that can contribute to the requalification of urban landscape recovering spaces with demolition products and residual materials and comparing with managerial needs.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v2n2a17