Development and Evaluation of Brick/Block Laying and Concreting (B/Bc) Instructional Video
Ayonmike, Chinyere Shirley Mrs.; Okwelle, P. Chijioke; Okeke, Benjamin Chukwumaijem

Brick/Blocklaying and Concreting (B/BC) is one of the trade at the National Technical Certificate (NTC) level in Nigeria which is obtainable at the technical colleges. The objectives of this trade have not been achieved due to the inadequate nature of materials and human resources for implementing its curriculum. In order to address the issue of lack of psychomotor skills amongst technical college graduates, an intervening measure is to develop and evaluate instructional video for teaching and learning B/BC. The purpose of this study is to develop and evaluate B/BC instructional video. Five (5) research questions guided the study. Forty (40) heads of department of B/BC were selected for the study. Primary data were collected using camera and its accessories, and the Province of Prince Edwards Island Department of Education DVD/Video Evaluation form. The data collected was analyzed using frequency count and mean. The results from the study revealed that the developed B/BC instructional video was appropriate and suitable for use in teaching and learning B/BC in technical colleges in Nigeria. Hence, it was recommended that government should provide grants for TVET teachers/Instructors to develop and evaluate instructional video for teaching and learning technical courses.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v2n2a16