Sustainable Urbanism: Analysis of Sustainable Environment Principles in Practical Urban Form
Nooshin Roohani Tezangi

Sustainable urbanism is one of the global issues with numerous publications both theoretically and practically; however, it needs to be in progress and there are still rooms to improve the practical form of sustainable environment. In fact, practical sustainable development is the approach of environment, sense of community, public safety, and economic growth in constructed form.This paper explores the practical form of sustainable environmentprinciples by analyzing city of Melbourne, Australia as well as reporting one sustainable suburb in Sydney, Australia that is called Newington. It mainly focuses on functional part of sustainable urbanism.Therefore this paper illustrates what urban criteria and elements we require to attain practical sustainable urbanism and also we could reduce the negative impacts of both people and various elements on the next generation by performing with respect to the sustainable environment principles.These empirical findings propose what responsibilities and barriers confronting us as well as what challenges facing us in order to address these issues and approach sustainable environment.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v2n2a14