Tunnel Asset Management (TAM) Program Application for High Risk Structural Components
Hamed Zamenian, Dan D. Koo

Tunnel is a constructed structure providing longitudinal space in underground. Main purposes of tunnel are for various utilities and transportation corridors. Engineering of modern tunnel structure emphasizes on sustainability aspects including safety, efficiency, environmental stewardess,social responsibility, resiliency and economy. However, enhancement of sustainability in existing tunnel systems is also imminent through remaining life cycle. Many existing tunnel systems are currently approaching or already exceeding their design life. Invisibility and limited access of many structural components make tunnel inspection problematic and forgotten.Eventually public safety becomes uncertain. Application of tunnel asset management program is the first step to enhance public safety of existing tunnel system. This paper describes a conceptual frameworkdevelopment and application plan for a tunnel asset management program focusing on high risk structural components inspection and condition inspection technologies.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jea.v2n2a1