A Mechanical and Rheology Development of a Fiber-Reinforced Architectural Concrete for the Poseidon Building in Frankfurt am Main
Henrik L. Funke

In the course of revitalizing the Poseidon Building in Frankfurt, an energetically optimized façade, made of architectural concrete was developed. The development of a fiber-reinforced architectural concrete had to consider the necessary mechanical strength, design technology and surface quality. The fiber-reinforced architectural concrete has a compressive strength of 104.1 MPa and a 3-point bending tensile strength of 19.5 MPa. Beyond that, it was ensured that the fiber-reinforced highperformance concrete had a high durability, which has been shown by the capillary suction of de-icing solution and freeze thaw test with a weathering of abrasion of 113 g/m² after 28 freeze-thaw cycles and a mean water penetration depth of 11 mm.

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